A 4 month group program for those who have the foundations set up but are looking for support, guidance, and a community as they scale to $5k months.

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It's almost like being on a treadmill...

you are running through the motions but don't seem to be getting anywhere

You have the systems in place, CHECK.
You have been on Instagram every day, CHECK.
You know what to do when you get a client, CHECK.

And you know you are a freaking badass who is destined to be a six figure business owner.

But you feel like you are spinning your wheels and that that milestone of hitting $5k months and finally having that next level of financial freedom just slips through your fingers month after month.

Once you have the foundations it's about you learning:

How to position yourself as an authority so you can bust your way into this space and become the go-to girl

How to align your marketing and messaging with YOUR ideal clients so they come running after you

This stage of business isn't black and white

How to amplify your money and offers through launching so that you can make more and work less

It’s time to say



& time to learn how to reach your audience and amplify your income in order to start            

to the hamster wheel

And it's simply about having the support and perspective and push forward to help you navigate your specific business, not copy and paste strategies from a course.


$5k Accelerator is a super unique 4 month group program for service based entrepreneurs who already have the foundations covered but are looking for support and coaching as they scale to $5k months to expand their business through marketing, sales, and strategy!

This program is truly unlike anything I have ever seen in this space because it is not just weekly group calls where you go through a module and ask questions, it is a dynamic combination of coaching calls, live learning, actual feedback and content review with my eyes on your business, intimate meetings with me in small groups of 3 so we can talk about your business in greater detail, and so much more - all without the hight ticket price of a true mastermind! 

Your secret to finally getting laser focused and aligned with your marketing and business in order to start scaling.

Are you ready to start getting clarity and build that momentum to scale?

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what's the break down?

2 group coaching calls

every month

1 workshop (learn + brainshare)

Workshop #1 - Email Marketing
Workshop #2 - Powerful & Unique Messaging
Workshop #3 - TBD
Workshop #4 - Selling with Ease

1 content review

Submit content for Amanda to critique and give feedback on. It can be anything from a new course outline, launch plan, sales page, emails or Instagram content.

team calls*

You and your team of 3-4 other girls will get smaller private group calls with me to discuss your business in a more intimate setting.

2 team calls during the whole program

Private Facebook group

Weekly activities

Weekly activities and homework to challenge you and help you grow your business.

To ask unlimited questions every day.

Asana + ClickUp Tutorials

Launching Mini Course

Selling in the DMs Training

Learn how to sell in the DMs + get my DM scripts

so you can master your project management like a boss!

5+ lessons about launching so that you can launch with ease + my launch calendar!



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four monthly payments of

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+ $997

Add on Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp course material


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Digital Marketer


Money Coach



Knowing exactly what you are selling, how you are executing, and how much money is coming in every single month 

Speaking directly to your ideal clients and have them saying “OMG I need to hire her!"

Hiring your first team member, selling out your first launch, and making enough money to have no worries traveling the world all next year


Feeling confident going into every week because you have unlimited epic support and can get any & every question answered

$5k Accelerator is for you if...

You have the basics covered and are looking for coaching support, not more courses that you will buy and never implement

Know your packages and ideal clients but are struggling with your marketing and big picture planning

You are ready as hell to focus on executing and put in the work to make massive moves in your business


You've had a few clients but now need to get more organized and ready to scale with launches

You are looking for a rock solid community + access to a coach for longer term support but don't want to break the bank to pay 1:1 coaching prices 

Luisa Alberto

Luisa went from $1,100 in October to $14k+ months and scaling to $40k months in $5k Accelerator by taking needle moving action, getting feedback on her specific offer suite, brand and messaging, and through creating a financial and outsourcing gameplan together.

Money Coach

Lauren Bonheim

Within less than a month in $5k Accelerator, Lauren DOUBLED her income from $2k to almost $5k! She signed more than 4 clients in her first 30 days, raises her prices, established her coaching framework, reworked her offers and identified her niche and is on her way to becoming the go-to life and transformation coach for those moving abroad and changing their lifestyles and mindsets.

Transformation Coach

Mel Grauds

Mel improved her brand authority, expanded her visibility strategies, revamped her offer suite and now has brand partnerships and KILLER launches with 30+ clients in her signature group program.

Fitness Coach

BTW, have we met?

I'm Amanda Kolbye, a multiple six figure business and marketing coach for ambitious service based entrepreneurs and coaches who are ready to create a freedom lifestyle and become unstoppable!

I built my own multiple six figure business in less than 10 months by harnessing the power of my personal brand, building my authority, and by taking lots of messy action! I know that scaling it about trial and error and marketing is not about copy and paste strategies which is why I really focus on understanding how to approach and understand your unique business and clients through mindset, strategy and action!
I am also a digital nomad and travel around the world full time. I often spend my weekends under the palm trees in Bali, hiking the mountains in Vietnam, or hanging with elephants in Thailand.
I'm an all in kind of gal so when you work with me, you are bound to make massive moves in your business!


hey! hey! hey!



I scaled from $0 to $17k in 5 months with Amanda's help and am scaling an agency. Im seriously blown away by the value she provides!


After working with Amanda I hit my first $10k+ month, had a $6k week, hired my first employee, and mapped out my first course!


It's only the 4th of the month and I already sold $2k and will have a $5k+ month this month easy! I just book another 4 figure client! Amanda is so supportive and always there to help me!

Those $5k months are right around the corner.
What do YOU need to do to set yourself up for success to get there?

Those $5k months are right around the corner. What do YOU need to do to set yourself up for success to get there?

Flopping around the ‘gram doesn’t have to be how you do business anymore. The $5k Accelerator is a unique coaching program focused on execution and giving you high level support to conquer any situation that comes your way. Talk about feeling unstoppable!

You are in control and have to decide what YOU need in order to scale? If what you need is a coach in your corner, constant support, and learning how to fine tune your marketing and amplify your income, then you know what you have to do 😉. Building a business is hard (seriously) but what makes it easily is having accountability, support, new perspectives and insights, a coach who cares to challenge you and push your business to new heights!


Are you ready to propel your business forward and watch your bank account grow with ease so you can feel confident going into every week and be on track to hit six figures next year?


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one payment of

Pay in full


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four monthly payments of

Payment plan

+ $997

Add on Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp course material


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is this for me?

This is for those who are making $1-4k months and who, more importantly, have the foundations covered in their business (THIS IS A MUST). We do not cover the basics such as discovery calls, onboarding, creating packages etc and this program does not have course material to teach you all of the foundations so if you do not have those covered you will want to apply for Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp instead which luckily is starting in January!

If you just need a refresher on the basics and want to continue fine tuning things and building upon the foundations then YES, this is for you! You should already have had your first few months of clients to join this program as well so that we can actively help you scale!

Apply to learn more about to next start date.

When do we start?

Because of the nature of this program - that is run live and includes personalize coaching - there are no refunds. I've never had anyone ask for a refund yet because this sh*t works if you show up and go all in!

what is the refund policy?

 Do you really want to wait half a year to another year to be hitting $5k months and getting the clarity and support you need? Trust your gut. If you feel like you need this support now you've got to set yourself up for success! Let's do this!

can i join next time?

You will have the FB group to ask questions every day as well as group access to her on all the calls and workshops. Additionally because this is a high touch group program, you get mini team calls with Amanda (max 5 people) as well as her eyes on your content during content reviews... so A LOT!

How much access do I have to Amanda?

Glad you asked! So freakin' pumped to have you!

Click that APPLY NOW button above! I will review your application within 24 hours and get back with you on next steps if you are approved!

HOw do I get started?