Feeling stuck? Like you need a new set of eyes on your business?

let me come into your business for a few hours or weeks and leave with clarity and a 🔥 game plan.

If you are looking for a major boost in your biz I'm here dive in with you hand in hand and map out strategy and action to make you unstoppable. Whether it's sales, a new dope course, or planning that next $10k or $40k launch, I gotchu boo! *PS* Launching is kinda my thing and it the single strategy that led me to a $100k month.

I turn everything into organized easy to execute systems and break downs (that's just how my brain works 😉) that will help you maximize profits, create massive clarity, and scale your business so you can truly start living that freedom lifestyle.

90 Minute Intensive

• One 90 minute recorded call
• 1 week of Voxer and content review
• Custom notes and action plan

Mini Month of Coaching

• Two 50 minute 1:1 coaching calls
• One call with your team
• 4 weeks of Voxer and content review
• Custom notes and action plan as well as templates as needed
• BONUS: Instagram Business Blueprint course

Investment: $1500

Investment: $3000

Topics to Choose from

Strategic Offer Suite or Course

Coaching Packages

Ready to create a new offer? Feel like your offer suite needs a revamp or some clarity? We map out all your offers, pricing, upsells, downsells and everything in between so you feel confident and your offers align with your ICA.

Launching is one of my favorite things to do and has been the single strategy that has helped me reach $100k months. Let's break down your launch, map out every phase, and leave with sure fire strategies and tactics to help you crush your next 5 figure launch.

Map out your Next Launch Plan

Marketing and sales are my jam. From the high level strategy to the nitty gritty details of numbers and data, I'm here to help you build a sales and marketing plan for the next 6 months to scale your business to the next level.

Sales & Marketing Plan to Scale

Apply Here

Apply Here

or if you have something else in particular in mind, go ahead and apply or shoot me a DM and we can talk more about it!



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- Tessa

I had a $6k week.

After working with Amanda I hit my first $10k+ month, had a $6k week, hired my first employee, and mapped out my first course!

- Helly

4 clients by her 2nd week.

After launching my business I immediately booked 4 clients and within a month booked out my business.

- Abby

From $150 to $4k months

I had my highest month yet after being in business for 2 years and in one month of working with Amanda quadrupled my income.

- Sari

Consistent $20k+ month

Before I started working with Amanda, I had an idea but I didn’t have a business. I’m in my fourth month of business and I bill multiple 5 figs every month. I feel like I’m finally thinking like an entrepreneur and a CEO, planning my business like it’s going to be a million dollar company and not a side hustle.

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