Ready to start scaling in a way that allows you to have it all?!
The money, the freedom & the joy of your day to day...

You started this business because you imagined


• taking naps or long walks in the middle of the day
• having 3 day weekends or moving to Bali
• money coming in while you're sleeping
• and most of all the mental freedom of choosing how spend your day to day

You imagined...

You're in hustle mode working 24/7. One woman show is the name of your game unfortunately. You're okay putting in the work, but you're also ready to step into your CEO role.

You’re booked out or tapped out with 1:1 clients. You can’t quite keep up and you definitely don't know how to scale from here.

You're over the race to scale to the empty money milestones and ready to cash in your check for "freedom" aka the lifestyle you want AND a consistent, sustainable and aligned business.

You're stressed and anxious about decisions and consistent income, and want a partner to think tank with you and help you continue to grow (but without burnout).

 Except right now it's not quite the daydream you imagined it would be....?

It's time to get out of feast or famine mode.
It's time to have loads of clients begging to work with you in your DMs.
And it's time to start building a business that allows you to LIVE.

You've dreamed of the day where you are making consistent $10-20k months AND actually feel free day to day.

You're more than ready to stop playing small & start embodying a CEO.

Introducing the...

Freedom mastermind focuses on 3 core areas: redefining, rediscover, and building up your business for aligned growth and stability.

Building a business that profits vs building a business that supports your version of freedom aren't always the same thing. 

Together we dive into how to redefine and rediscover your next level self and brand, and how you and your business need to evolve in order to grow in an aligned way (this includes building your freedom lifestyle).

We work through making your first few hires, building systems that can truly run things while you're on vacay, and stepping into your own confidence to shine and focus on what makes you fulfilled - not just hitting the pressure filled milestone.

But I want you to be able to HAVE IT ALL.. and you can.

What's the Structure?


Alignment, Vision & Business Model

6 Figure Support (teams & systems)

Rediscover & Redefine your Stand Out Brand

Launching & Funnels

Magnetic Conversion Marketing & Sales

Diversifying & Stabilizing Income

2 Group Coaching Calls per Month

Monthly Business Growth Masterclass

Monthly Mindset sessions (meditations, journaling session, deep discussions)

Monthly Peer Led Mastermind call (with discussion topics)

Group Voxer + Slack (checked daily M-F)

1:1 Kickoff intensive with Amanda + 2 45 min 1:1 calls with Amanda

Submit up to 2 projects for review (sales pages, funnels, content, marketing plans etc)

Quarterly Bonding Events (ie cooking class, yoga etc)

Access to entire AK product suite

This mastermind is all about now building upon the momentum you've built; it's about stabilizing consistent income at the multi 6 figure level; it's about setting up support to go from a one woman show to a true CEO; and lastly it's about starting to balance and infuse the freedom you desire back into your life.

Finding & living out your freedom

Unlocking your potential through monthly mindset work

The investment is $14k PIF
a $1500 deposit plus 6 monthly payments of $2300.

What's the INVESTMENT?

PIF bonus: One 1:1 call with Amanda to use ASAP

Ask about extended 10 month payment plan.

The ease & that feeling of enough comes when you redefine & rediscover what you truly want from your life and business.

When you chase after someone else version of success or when you don't live out your truth of freedom, it doesn't matter how much money you make... it won't feel "good." 

This mastermind is to help you scale your income, yes - because we all want more money, influence, and choice - but this mastermind is to break the endless empty chase for milestones and disillusioned authority in this industry that only creates pressure, and doesn't actually bring fulfillment.







Say no more Amanda, this is exactly what I need!


Because what you really want when you say "FREEDOM" is...

...choice & fulfillment

Scaling your team and systems gives you space to choose how you spend your time.

Having a sustainable business that brings in consistent income gives you independence to choose where you live and travel.

But having an aligned business, a balanced schedule, and the choice to choose what you do with your day to day, is where you find fulfillment. Being secure with your inner desires, your deeper self, and your goals, is where you find fulfillment.

This mastermind is to help you embody freedom and created aligned wealth - wealth within your mind, your bank account, and your day to day life.

Sari De, Career & Diversity Coach

$300k revenue first year in biz + moved to mexico

Becca Martin, Copywriter

bought her dream land & $25k+ months

Katy Stuart, Business Coach

Katie is the definition of ALL IN. Katie came to me her first few months in business trying to scale her group program because she was a full time teacher and mom. She hit her first $23k month right away, booked out with dream clients, and have since scaled to multi six figures and been able to quit her 9-5.

$20k+ monthS as a mama and full time teacher

"Before I started working with Amanda, I had an idea but I didn’t have a business. I’m in my fourth month of business and I bill multiple 5 figs every month. I feel like I’m finally thinking like an entrepreneur and a CEO, planning my business like it’s going to be a million dollar company and not a side hustle. I now have secured $300k revenue for the rest of the year."

Becca was trying to scale an agency but it wasn't aligned with what she actually wanted AND she was tapped out on time. Together we restructured her team and offer suite, started building out funnel to immediately start bringing in passive income and she was able to scale to consistent $25k+ months, buy her dream plot of land and take more time off in her business than every before.

Christina Bernhard, Facebook Ads & F unnelsAgency

Christina had been trying to build her business for 2 years and within the first 6 months working together went from $0 to her first $20k month. Since then she has scaled a well oiled machine of an agency, is on track for a $250k year, is able to travel the world full time, and even texts me that she has so much time she is started another business. 

from $0 to $250k business in 1 year

Having a thriving business is about the money AND the freedom you get to live out every day. Ready to have it all?!

Apply Now

this is for you if ...

You're tired of feeling like an imposter or not good enough. You're ready to stop playing small and hit six figures this year but in a way that feels good to you.

You feel like a one woman show and are working non stop. You need a team and support ASAP but don't know how to make this sustainable

You know that no one makes it to the top alone and you're ready for mentor truly cares and gets you; you're ready for a hype woman and strategist in your corner to put some fuel on your fire.

You're the kind of person who never wants to be the smartest person in the room. You want to be challenged, inspired, and pushed to grow both yourself personally and your business by a group of badass women.

You're over the race and pressure to scale to the money milestones and instead ready to cash in your check for aligned money AND freedom.

meet youR mentor        

I am a near 7 figure internationally recognized business coach and educator who helps ambitious women build and scale online businesses so that they can live a freedom lifestyle and create wealth and influence. Part of my mission is to empower women to break the mold of how life should be and become leaders in their industries and communities.

I built my own business so that I could travel the world - from the mountains in Nepal to the beaches in Thailand - and create limitless opportunity and wealth for both my future and those around me.

I have been where you are though working 24/7 and feeling like the business is running you, wandering where my so called "freedom" disappeared to and that is why I created this mastermind: to help you scale but also to help you create the lifestyle you originally envisioned and lost along the way.

Amanda Kolbye                

You have the drive, the passion, the vision, and the work ethic to do this. You know your success is inevitable.

And guess what?
You get to define what that success looks like.

And when you do, that's when the magic happens. That's when momentum picks up and how you magnetize leads flying in the door. When you are aligned with who you are, what your version of freedom looks like, and you have the support to scale your business... that's when you start to feel free.

because i'm guessing right now you're feeling stagnant, defeated, and burned out

how do you want to feel every day?

It's time to find your version of freedom and scale your business income to provide you with limitless possibilities.

stop chasing after other people's version of success

The only thing standing between you and six figure freedom is making the choice to surround yourself with unstoppable energy, mentorship, and tools inside this mastermind.

So I'll ask you again.. how do you want to feel every day?

Because inside Freedom Mastermind I want you to feel excited to work on new projects, inspired by badass women quantum leaping beside you. I want you to wake up every day and check your bank account with gratitude and abundance. 

I want you to wake up every day and feel


It's time to start making money & living out your version of freeom!

ready to say hell yes?!

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Save $1000 + bonuses during early enrollment. Early enrollment closes October 31

Oh, you got some Q's?

Cool. Cool. Cool. I gotchu boo.

The Freedom Mastermind is a 6 month mastermind to help you scale to $10-30k+ months and transition from a one woman show working 24/7 to a thriving CEO.

We kick off at the beginning of January 2022 and the program runs for 6 consecutive months. You can use your 1:1 kick off call with Amanda ASAP once you enroll to get things started even before January if you want.

This is 100% for you if you are an entrepreneur who is ready to go all in, put the pedal to the metal, and desires to scale your team, offers, and operations to multiple six figures. You value the lifestyle you are creating and don't want to do things cookie cutter anymore. You want to live out your freedom and rediscover who you are and what fulfills you. You are open to being challenged, expanded to new heights, working on the inner work, and contributing to the group. This is NOT for those who play small. This is for those are ready to go BIG.

A ridiculous amount. You have daily access via our group Voxer/Slack as well as multiple group calls every month. You also have several private calls with me as well. You basically have me in your back pocket.

The investment is $12.5k PIF or a $1500 deposit plus 6 monthly payments of $2000. You can ask about the extended 10 month plan as well.

If you want to wait 6+ months to start creating a balanced business and stop feeling like you are just surviving and chasing milestones...

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