The fool proof mini course that will help you uncover your unique and passion fueled aligned & profitable online skills to kickstart your own online business.

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You can't build a thriving online business and travel world without STEP #1... a skill. In order to start your service based six figure business, you have to decide what skills you can offer that are both...

 ➡️ALIGNED with you and your passions as well as
➡️PROFITABLE so you can actually make money.

Your head spinning in circle trying to nail down your perfect idea

Your imposter syndrome raging telling you you're not qualified for any of it

Your overwhelm keeping you paralyzed and unable to take action

And your desire for big dreams keeping you questioning every move you make to ensure it's the "right" one

It’s time to get

online business


confident, clear & excited about your future 

and finally feel

And that is where I'm guessing you find yourself STUCK...

And that is where I'm guessing you find yourself STUCK...


Aligned and Profitable Skills is a mini course that will help you uncover limiting beliefs holding you back from taking action as well as help you get massive clarity on exactly what skills you should offer to kickstart your new online business and finally get unstuck and out of daydreamer mode.

This course will help you organize your ideas and come out with a final decision that you are confident and excited about as well as clarity on how to begin to turn your new skills into a business through a 30 day game plan.

The days of downloading endless unhelpful freebies and feeling overwhelmed and unqualified are over.

The secret to finally figuring out YOUR perfect skills to kickstart your 6+ figure online business and feel clear and confident about taking action.

What's Included in this value-packed mini course:

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

That's not all!

How to turn your skills into a long term successful online business + make a game plan for next 30 days and 90 days

Check out these action-packed bonuses that will help you achieve clarity & take action even faster.

CEO Instagram Starter Action List

Mini training on naming your business

Workbooks for each module

Skills Learning Guide including where to learn more skills


The top 4 fears and objections that you didn't even know are holding you back from starting your online business

While you might just want a genie to appear and tell you your fortune of what skill you haven't thought of yet that is perfect for you, that's unfortunately not going to happen. But that is why in Module 1 we help you uncover beliefs and mindset blocks you didn't even realize were holding you back to clearly see your fortune and future.

How to figure out your unique online skills that you can offer to make money online

In this module we work through charts, braindumps and many reflective exercises to help you mix and match a clear vision of what skills are aligned with you and check to make sure they are going to be profitable. By the end of this module you will 100% have a decision on what skills you are going to offer.

Inside look at 8 different kinds of popular indemand business paths you can take.

Now that you know what skills are aligned and profitable for YOU, you are going to get and inside look into the most in demand online businesses so you can assess what business path is right for you and start crafting your business vision.



The total value of this mini course is over $700+ and will save you months or even years of turmoil. Luckily Aligned & Profitable Skills mini course only costs a fraction of that.

Get this business (and life) changing mini course for:







What they have to say...


Feeling confident about calling yourself "designer" or "life coach" and knowing exactly what that looks like for you

Having full clarity on your unique skills that align with your passions, desires, and lifestyle

Having a clear vision and gameplan instead of spending months debating and researching ways to make money online doubting the right path for you


Starting to actually build your online business and seeing your path to profit

By the end of this mini course, you will...

You will feel more confident and excited with your vision and skills you're going to offer

You will have decided on the exact skills you are going to turn into offers and know the type of business you are going to create

You will uncover what limiting beliefs are holding you back from making money asap



You will get crystal clear on how to avoid DIY mistakes and how to turn your newly decided skills into a business

You will have a 30 and 60 day gameplan of exactly what to focus on in order to move forward with both your skills development and the next steps of setting up your business


BTW, have we met?

I'm Amanda Kolbye, a multiple six figure business and marketing coach for ambitious service based entrepreneurs and coaches who are ready to create a freedom lifestyle and become unstoppable!

I built my own half million dollar business in a little over a year but it didn't start off this smooth. I struggled trying to figure out what skills to offer for 6 MONTHS because I was stuck in perfectionist mode and trying to do #allthethings. I finally picked one thing - design - of which I had no background or skills in, launched my design business and made over $5k my first month. From there I transitioned to coaching and the rest is history. You don't have to have it all figured out but you do have to start somewhere and that is where Aligned & Profitable Skills mini courses helps you get clear and confident.
I am also a digital nomad and travel around the world full time. I often spend my weekends under the palm trees in Bali, hiking the mountains in Vietnam, or hanging with elephants in Thailand. And I'm here to help hundreds of women all over the world build their own freedom lifestyles and thriving online businesses too!


hey! hey! hey!




I barely even had a business concept before working with Amanda and after this finally had that 'aha' moment I'd been waiting for for 15 years about what I wanted to do in my career (and life).



Before this I had NO IDEA what the hell I was doing and was just piecing together freebies. Now I'm crystal clear on what I want to do and am so excited for Mondays.


Life coach

When I enrolled I barely even had a business idea but I knew I wanted to create my own freedom lifestyle. Now I know that I am meant to be a life coach. This was a game changer.

don't keep spinning your wheels hoping & wishing for an "aha" moment

Deciding what skills to develop and piece together can keep so many aspiring entrepreneurs stuck for months and even years and I don't want that to be you any longer. The most important secret to getting started is to PICK & STICK and then take action. But what you have been doing clearly isn't getting you the clarity you need in order to feel confident about truly starting this only business.

It's time to stop day dreaming and watching everyone else live your dream life. The 6 figure business and one way tickets to Thailand start here - figuring out YOUR aligned & profitable skills that will unlock your freedom filled future.


Are you ready to finally get unstuck and figure out your perfect skills to kickstart your online business?!