January 13th at 2pm EST 

How to Scale to

$5k Months

During this masterclass you are going to learn:

How to shift from feast and famine freelancer mode to landing dream clients on repeat

How to stand out in a crowded space, even from day one or if you have no experience

The key to making $5k months that wink wink doesn't have to do with Instagram

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January 13 @ 2pmEST

Who is Amanda & how can she help me?

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I'm Amanda Kolbye, a 7 figure business and marketing coach for ambitious service based entrepreneurs and coaches who are ready to create a freedom lifestyle and become unstoppable! In two years I built a million dollar business and have helped hundreds of other women - just like you - build the foundations of their own six figure online business.

I am also a digital nomad and travel around the world full time. I often spend my weekends under the palm trees in Bali, hiking the mountains in Vietnam, or hanging with elephants in Thailand.

I can't wait to see you inside the training to help you start your own online business and freedom lifestyle!