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where you can learn profitable hard skills as an online service provider to become to best of your craft & build a thriving online business

it is

it's for

- Anyone who wants to learn a specific skillset like email marketing, web design, or VA skills
- New and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to build an online business but aren't sure where to start
- Any entrepreneurs who want to uplevel or niche down their skills
- CEOs who want to expand their team members' skillset

- A monthly membership to help you learn profitable online skills and gain hands-on experience
- Tactical training for VAs, designers, social media managers, and more
- Learn how to attract and manage clients as an online service provider
- Join the membership for full access to all the courses, or choose one specific skill you're ready to master

hey there!

I'm Amanda Kolbye

I quit my fancy corporate job in America, sold everything I own and moved to Thailand in 2018 teaching English online with VIPKID.

My goal was to travel the world and figure out to be own boss so that I could live a freedom lifestyle forever.

Fast forward 2 years later and I have build a $1 million dollar business, traveled to my hearts content, helped hundred of women start online businesses and have so much more in store.

My zones of genius are marketing, strategy and sales but I also know how to have an epic time navigator the streets of Italy and the beaches in Thailand and want you to travel the world with me!

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