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The essential tools you need to launch your business and land your first client!

how to set up the top 6 tools you need to run your biz

& the exact ways that I use each tool in my own multiple six figure business.

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Google Calendar






set up & organize your calendar

design on brand social posts

set up a freebie email marketing campaign

schedule calls with clients

schedule & automate your social media

set up your client/project process

You get 6 training and tutorial videos that show you how to set up and use each tool.

This bundle of tutorials, tech trainings, and templates will show you ...

Google Calendar

my Google Calendar template


Trello Client Management board template

6 Canva templates for Pinterest and Instagram

Okayyy! I need this!

guuuurrlllll it's only $14 dollars AND saves you 15+ hours of stressing and wondering if you are doing the right thing

AKA it's a no brainer!

Instagram Bio formula + tutorial

By the end of this toolkit, you will...

have your accounts set up and ready to rock and roll on Canva, Google Calendar, ConvertKit, Trello, Later, and Calendly

create and implement all the pieces need to land a client on automatic - imagine, a follower sees your on-brand IG post, reads your killer bio, clicks the link to set up a call and fills out your questionnaire, then gets an automatic email welcoming your new client with a link to their project board on Trello... WOW! Talk about impressive!

feel clear and confident running your online business with ease! No hair pulling out, no overwhelm, no 15 hours of Googling

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BTW, have we met?

hey! hey! hey!

I'm Amanda Kolbye, a multiple six figure business and marketing coach for ambitious service based entrepreneurs and coaches who are ready to create a freedom lifestyle and become unstoppable! I built my own multiple six figure business in less than 10 months and have helped hundreds of other women - just like you - build the foundations of their own six figure online business.

I am also a digital nomad and travel around the world full time. I often spend my weekends under the palm trees in Bali, hiking the mountains in Vietnam, or hanging with elephants in Thailand.

Trust me when I tell you I know a thing or two about what it takes to build your online business and create fast, yet long term success. You don't want to waste your time Googling everything - take the fast track when you can! This toolkit is going to save you over 15 hours and get you that much closer to working from your laptop on a beach in Thailand.