with Amanda Kolbye

A 9 month mastermind to help you scale to $30-50k+ months, become obsessed with your business again, & unlock your 7 figure self through a mix of strategy, mindset & energy work. 



I've been there.        

You've poured everything you've got into this business and it's actually working.
You're making more money than you ever thought was possible.
You've had those 5 figure launches and high ticket clients.

You're no stranger to working hard or else you wouldn't be here, but at the same time you can't help but secretly watch other multi six and seven figure entrepreneurs have $30k days and 6 figure launches with what seems like such ease... and you're craving that flow.

But you've hit a plateau and to be honest, you're exhausted.

You know the next level requires some serious next level energy, and you're ready to surround yourself with straight up millionaire unstoppable vibes & a true inner circle community.

get ready for expansion      

You can't hustle your way to multi six or seven figures. The secret sauce is something more. It's combining the strategy and work ethic with an unstoppable mindset & energy work.

It is possible to make loads of money without burnout, reignite the spark in your business, and start to expand your passions.     

Expansion starts from within and means everything from new visibility strategies and products to new businesses or restructuring your lifestyle for a new stage.

When you feel unstoppable, you are unstoppable. In order for you to scale, it's time to erase the edges and start living in a limitless reality.

This is a 9 month mastermind to help you scale to multi six and seven figures by channeling unstoppable. You're not here to play small. You're here because you want to be a top leader. You want to be a top 2% of female business owners who become millionaires. You want to be a disruptor.
(I mean are you feeling me or are you feeeeellliinnnggg me?!?)

This is a space where we evolve from the inside out.
This is a space where you expand both your business offers and strategies, but also your vision and mindset.

Let's be real... what got you here, won't get you there.

This is more than a mastermind; it's a partnership. This business and brand is bigger than you now, and you need a tight knit inner circle and mentor to support you as you rise and expand.

Introducing the...

You are a coaches or DFY/agencies scaling to $30-50k months. You're the kind of person who believes anything is possible and are ready to see what magic we can brew together.

this is for you if...

You want a multi depth mastermind where in the same conversation we can map out your funnel and unblock money beliefs... because you know business is not just about business.

You truly value the energy of your environment and know you want to be around other high achieving, inspiring women's energy to help you rise

You ambitious to your core and won't settle for anything less than everything you ever wanted in more. Whether that's $50k months, daily beach walks, or a mansion on the Italian coast... you know you can have it all.

You're ready to truly streamline your 7 figure foundations from a team that actually runs without you, to systems on lock, and offers that support your lifestyle - it's time to finally build a well oiled machine.

I don't need anymore details. I'm feeling the unstoppable vibes and am ready to go!    


Sari De, Career & Diversity Coach

$300k revenue first year in biz + moved to mexico

Becca Martin, Copywriter

bought her dream land & $25k+ months

Katy Stuart, Business Coach

Katie is the definition of ALL IN. Katie came to me her first few months in business trying to scale her group program because she was a full time teacher and mom. She hit her first $23k month right away, booked out with dream clients, and have since scaled to multi six figures and been able to quit her 9-5.

$20k+ month as a mama and full time teacher

"Before I started working with Amanda, I had an idea but I didn’t have a business. I’m in my fourth month of business and I bill multiple 5 figs every month. I feel like I’m finally thinking like an entrepreneur and a CEO, planning my business like it’s going to be a million dollar company and not a side hustle. I now have secured $300k revenue for the rest of the year."

Becca was trying to scale an agency but it wasn't aligned with what she actually wanted AND she was tapped out on time. Together we restructured her team and offer suite, started building out funnel to immediately start bringing in passive income and she was able to scale to consistent $25k+ months, buy her dream plot of land and take more time off in her business than every before.

Christina Bernhard, Facebook Ads & F unnelsAgency

Christina had been trying to build her business for 2 years and within the first 6 months working together went from $0 to her first $20k month. Since then she has scaled a well oiled machine of an agency, is on track for a $250k year, is able to travel the world full time, and even texts me that she has so much time she is started another business. 

from $0 to $250k business in 1 year


You know how to make the big bucks

What you need is to learn how to get off the anxious financial rollercoaster

You know how to get scrappy and do "whatever it takes"

What you want is more flow and ease

You know how to bring in leads on IG and maybe even started ads

What you need is to tap back into your magnetism through your evolved 7 figure brand

You are more than familiar with imposter syndrome and comparison (trust me this is not just for beginners)

What you need is someone who knows you, gets you, and can help you see your unique X factor

Let's be real...

You've been through many ups and downs at this point and you've learned a lot of strategies, but the next level requires somethings a little different to allow you to expand.

The unstoppable support, energy, tools, and strategies are right at your finger tips. You know the power of investing and I think you know it's time for a power up.    

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Sometimes you need to be challenged and push the boundaries to see what is possible. We are all about going big here.


Sometimes you need other people and goals and visions to pull you up to new heights. This is a tight knit group and we rise & thrive together.

inner expansion

Sometimes you need space - space to create, to dream, to think and to truly uncover what is holding you back from everything you desire and more.

Scaling to multi six and seven figures is no small feat. And to be honest, this mastermind is not for everyone. It's for those who are open to taking risks, to letting go, to digging deep inside to uncover how to show up as a true leader. I'm not a fluffy coach. I'm here to challenge you and push you - sometimes that means workshopping a new funnel strategy and sometimes that means making you take a full week CEO vacation. Either way, you wont leave this mastermind in the same spot you came in!

The recipe to tapping into your unstoppable factor is 3 fold:

Our group calls are for coaching, think tanks, and learning via hyper focused elevated masterclasses.

Twice MONTHLY Group Calls

Monthly 1:1 calls with amanda

Monthly guest expert or lifestyle event

private & group voxer

You get full 1:1 access to me included monthly private sessions for us to dive into the nitty gritty together.

As you evolve and grow we want to continue to fuel both the business and expansion side of things through experts in everything from PR and FB ads to breathwork sessions and sound healing.

What would an inner circle be without daily communication and encouragement. You've got me and our crew in your back pocket to lean on for both the last minute launch tweaks and the #entrepreneurlife moments that no one else gets.

What's the Structure?

You know you're ready for the next level so lean in...

This mastermind is your exact recipe to become unstoppable.

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meet youR mentor        

I am a near 7 figure internationally recognized business coach and educator who helps ambitious women build and scale online businesses so that they can live a freedom lifestyle and create wealth and influence. Part of my mission is to empower women to break the mold of how life should be and become leaders in their industries and communities.

I built my own business so that I could travel the world - from the mountains in Nepal to the beaches in Thailand - and create limitless opportunity and wealth for both my future and those around me.

I have been where you are though working 24/7 and feeling like the business is running you, wandering where my so called "freedom" disappeared to and that is why I created this mastermind: to help you scale but also to help you create the lifestyle you originally envisioned and lost along the way.

Amanda Kolbye                

Oh, you got some Q's?

Cool. Cool. Cool. I gotchu boo.

The Unstoppable Mastermind is a 9 month mastermind to help you scale to $30-50k+ months, become obsessed with your business again, & unlock your 7 figure self through a mix of strategy, mindset & energy work. 

We kick off July 6, 2021 (subject to change) and the program runs for 9 consecutive months. For those who enroll and are accepted before June, there will be a bonus kickoff coaching call in June 2021 to get you focused and ready to hit the ground running.

This is 100% for you if you are an entrepreneur who is scaling to multi six figures and is ready to amplify and expand your business, YES! If you want a intimate supportive enrivonment to rise and feel unstoppable, YES!

Literally all of me! You have full 1:1 access to Amanda (highest level of support) including 1:1 calls and private Voxer along with the group engagements. You can't get rid of me now!

If you want to wait until 2022 to start to create a balanced business, evolving to new heights, and quantum leaping... sure.

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