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Learn how to craft an irresistible, sold out offer that enables you to stand out and become a wildly in-demand 6-figure business owner.

Uplevel your Offers & Make $100k/year 

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as seen in...

as seen in...

Crystal clear understanding as to why your offer isn’t selling with ease



(with examples, numbers, breakdowns and more!)


4 action steps to improve & refine your offers without having to burn it all to the ground

A juicy new approach to your entire business to simplify, streamline & start making $100k/year 


This free masterclass will give you…

In 60 minutes you’ll be thinking…

“how did i not know this sooner?!”

Aleina went from scattered and freelancing taking a few non-ideal clients randomly to booked out, quitting her 9-5, making over $5k months and replacing her 9-5 salary - all within a few months of working together. She now has hired a team, grown past 6 figures, and just bought her dream house.

Web Designer

Aleina Radovan

Bailey Petrucelli

Functional Medicine Copywriter & Marketing Agency

Bailey was making $3-5k months but felt like a mess with no direction. She used her unique medical background and became the go-to wellness businesses & doctors. In less than a year she expanded to an agency, added passive income and hit her first $15k month. And she gets to stay at home with her two little boys.

Lily & Lizzie wen't from new grads full of curiosity & desk avoidance to $5k months within 90 days. They even booked TWO clients while they were hiking in Hawaii- talk about laptop lifestyle! Now they have made $20k+ months, have a team of 5+, and run a full blown agency.

Social Media Management Agency

Lily & Lizzie Clark

If you’re always wondering how “she” did it,

Stop the cycle by going deeper, not wider

I’m going to reveal how every single successful client (just like those above) has seemingly 💥LEAPED💥

 doing less, but better.

and still trying to reach consistent $5-8k+ months yourself,

from stagnant

to sold out

And the answer as to how to get here is…

or in other words

We will also show you:

What to focus on first and then next and then next so you have a clear order of priorities

The “In-Demand Matrix” that shows you the sliding scale of factors that determine you becoming wildly in-demand

Revealed: the actual income sheet & numbers breakdown of how I (and 3+ other types of business owners) hit their first $100k

yes pleaseeee!

show me how!

... position you as the “go-to” in your niche and cause so much demand that there will be a line of people dying to work with you.

In this masterclass we are covering…

i need this!

i'm ready!

In our 60 minutes together you will learn blindspots about your offers that are resulting in lack of sales as well as how to craft unique, transformational, clear offers that...

The exact framework you need to become the “go-to gal” who is booked out with ideal clients, confident about her unique offers & actually enjoys running her business full-time every day!

who is                

I am a 7-figure internationally recognized business coach and educator who helps ambitious women build and scale online businesses so that they can live a abundant life they are obsessed with. 

I built my own business so that I could travel the world - from the mountains in Peru to the beaches in Thailand - and to create limitless opportunity and wealth. Like me, you were made for more, and this business is how you achieve ultimate freedom and next level success.

I have been where you are: multi-passionate wanting to do it all & please everyone while desperately trying to make sales from my offers. After lots of trial and error I cracked the code to become the "go-to" gal, and have helped hundreds of others effortlessly sell, become known, and build 6 and 7 figure businesses using our signature framework... that I'm revealing to you in this masterclass.

Amanda Kolbye                

 to teach this masterclass…

You just need some refinement + a clear path forward.

If you’ve been feeling…

  • Scattered trying to do it all

  • Frustrated by lack of sales

  • Directionless yet busy

  • Unclear what to do beyond “making more content"

This masterclass is for you!

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You are


You have

what it takes.

you are

skilled, smart



You can

have it all:

the money, the badass business, and the dream lifestyle.

There are so many ways to achieve success and build a profitable business. There are so many clients out there waiting to hire someone just like you. And there are so many voices and opinions online claiming to have the “secret” you need.

But there are legit strategies & systems (including the ones you will learn at this masterclass) that you can follow to gain clarity, build a killer offer unique to you, and finally unlock six-figure freedom.

My friend, I’ve seen it all. There is no “secret.”

The truth is…

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