A 6 month mastermind for those scaling to $20-50k months who want to evolve their business & focus on becoming obsessed with their life as well.

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live intentionally · build intentionally · think intentionally· be intentional

as seen in...

as seen in...

You started this business because you wanted


• taking naps or having slow stress-free mornings
• having 3 day weekends
• money coming in while you're sleeping
• and most of all the mental freedom of choosing how spend your day to day

i'm guessing You imagined things like ...

You're in hustle mode working 24/7. You love what you do but you know you can't keep this up, and yet you can't get off the hamster wheel. 

You’re booked out or capped with clients. You can’t quite keep up and you definitely don't know how to scale from here. Hello overwhelm & feeling paralyzed.

Your business has been the #1 priority up to now and you want to have more time to travel, spend with your kids or just freakin' relax.

You're stressed and anxious about decisions and consistent income, and want a partner to think tank with you and help you continue to grow (but without burnout).

 Except right now it's not quite the daydream you imagined it would be....?

the magic comes from being intentional!

building a profitable business isn't actually the hard part.
you already know how to be successful.
and while there is always more strategy and interesting tactics to learn...

the hard part is... understanding you, your business, and your life enough to align the three in a way that makes you freaking obsessed!

the hard part is... not losing yourself along the way
the hard part is... being vulnerable & visible
the hard part is... keeping going when life happens
the hard part is... standing out in a crowded space

the real magic is something else.

Whether you just want to go bigger or you feel unaligned or burned out with your current business....

there is only one way to approach growth that will get you EXACTLY what YOU want & need...

A 6 month partnership for a select few ambitious women to scale to multi-6 figures without burnout, while focusing on business growth, self discovery, expansion & of course become even more obsessed with this life you are creating.

6 month mastermind for osp's scaling to $200-500k


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Intentional Mastermind was created  to give you the knowledge, support & environment to powerfully reinvent the next level of your business - but this time BIGGER, BETTER, and most importantly INTENTIONALLY.

So that you can make f*ck tons of money but also get to actually live.  You've never approached your business this way before, and by the end, you won't recognize things - in the best way possible.

my intention with this mastermind is:

  • to help you understand yourself and your entrepreneurship style so you can build customized plans and goals for scaling in a new way.
  • stop building your business blindly and feeling like it's controlling you. It's time for you to be intentional and live intentionally
  • to provide a rich, safe space to address business in a different way where we focus on your inner world, your business, and your lifestyle.
  • to help you further develop your offers, team, funnels, mindset, stress management, authority and more!

here to guide, ideate & support your for every twist, turn & big ass goal over the next 6 months.

i'm not just your coach.

i'm your next business partner.

 aka what happens when my brain comes into businesses

want to see my rap sheet?!

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  • I scaled my coaching business to $1M in my first 2 years
  • I travel the world full time (which is my dream life)
  • I had my first $100k month & launch in my first year of business
  • I'm a true rare architect - aka equal parts logic/strategy and creativity
  • I've built a recognizable trusted brand & signature program that has served hundreds of students
  • I've been through some of the most challenging years of my life while building this business & know how to navigate almost anything

my business

  • I've helped multiple women scale to 7-figures and tons scale to 6 & multi-6 figures
  • I help agencies, course creators, coaches, and a variety of businesses
  • I'm know for being one of the most invested and caring coaches in this space
  • My courses & trainings are proven and systematic meaning they are easy to follow and provide a rock solid roadmap for you
  • My clients have gone from $1k to $75k months in less than 4 months of working with me - so we can make magic happen!

my clients

claudia woodham

Business Coach


lily & lizzie clark

SMM Agency



Cindy Scneider

Tech VA


Brittany buxton

Consultant & Lawyer Coach


success is about...

✅ feeling fulfilled
✅ living on your terms
✅ creating wealth
✅ & enjoying the damn journey!

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main principles


custom/unique to you

wholistic approach

focus topics

offer suite evolution
passive products + course creation
hiring & managing your team
Sales & lead gen
magnetic marketing
brand strategy
optimize systems & processes
and more!

This is not a mastermind that only focuses on business. We focus on the whole picture including you as a human on this massive growth journey. I want to achieve success and FEEL that success. And we have a safe space for all you, not just CEO [insert your name].

It's time to stop analyzing & replicating what everyone else is doing, and instead learn how YOU operate & what YOU need/desire. We create custom strategies & coaching for YOU starting with your quarterly gameplans.

We of course focus on building wealth & scaling, but in a way that every decision is intentional about protecting your physical/mental wellbeing, supporting your lifestyle, and getting you to where you want to be in business.

Amanda is a wealth of knowledge and a marketing genius. She really understands how the online business space works, and is 150% committed to showing up for her clients every single day. Since working together I went from being capped at 1:1 service to a full sustainable agency. I flew past the 6 figure revenue mark for the year and even booked $78K in sales in one week. I am paying myself more than I have earned in the past 10 years

- Luisa Alberto

$78k week & sustainable agency

Amanda is absolutely amazing! Her services are worth 10x the investment, and it has changed my business for the better forever. I was feeling super lost as to how to scale my business and now I have so much clarity around my business and my offers since working with her. I absolutely loved working with her and would recommend her to anyone!

- Katie Stuart


By my fourth month in business I had a $20k+ month and I now bill multiple 5 figs every month. Before I started working with Amanda, I had an idea but I didn’t have a business. She helped me set a foundation for growth and shift my mindset into an entrepreneur. When it comes to systems, Instagram and sales, Amanda is the QUEEN. Now I have a million dollar business and I owe it all to Amanda.

- Sari De


These calls will have themed discussions, hot seat coaching, and learning from each other.

2 group calls/month

what's included?

We have chats happening daily for all the in between strategizing, brainstorming and fun gal chats!

group slack M-F

This gives us time to get laser focused on what you need most, have me as your partner & get feedback.

3 1:1 calls &
3 1:1 Material reviews

We bring in guests for intentional topics to expand our learning with everything from your nervous system to Facebook Ads.

various guest experts & AK trainings

 I will audit your brand, messaging, content, authority, offers and more, giving custom feedback & suggested gameplan.

Kick off brand audit by AK

Instead of feeling lost chugging along each month, we are very intentional about meeting your goals by crafting in depth CUSTOM quarterly roadmaps which we use weekly as reference points to progress.

quarterly spint focused roadmap

During our first week, we jump right in with an equal mix of business & fun to get to know each other and start building a gameplan.

plus we have our...

  • business audit workshop
  • sound healing session
  • uncover your entrepreneur type workshop
  • planning for the quarter
  • cocktail hour


kick off retreat

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want to see why our past clients decided to apply?

sound like you?

Scroll back up, submit that application & let's make some magic together!

Sarah Dickson, VA Mentor & Agency

Doubled her income

Becca Martin, Copywriter

bought her dream land & $25k+ months

Anita Dykstra, Blog & Pinterest Coach

I knew I wanted to go big next year but just didn't know how. Now I feel truly supported and know exactly the path I'm on. I wake up every day and I know EXACTLY what I'm working on because I have those action steps in place. After one conversation with Amanda I made one tweak in my funnel and immediately doubled my sales!

time to go bigger

"Every moment was AMAZING. Before I was overworked and capped with my income & time. Now I have clarity on every aspect of my business moving forward and I am on track to make double my income in the next few months now! Amanda just gives so much information, so much insight & supports us so well. She is a great coach and Im lucky to be her client! She truly delivers the best experience."

Becca was trying to scale an agency but it wasn't aligned with what she actually wanted AND she was tapped out on time. Together we restructured her team and offer suite, started building out funnel to immediately start bringing in passive income and she was able to scale to consistent $25k+ months, buy her dream plot of land and take more time off in her business than every before.

Christina Bernhard, Facebook Ads Agency

Christina had been trying to build her business for 2 years and within the first 6 months working together went from $0 to her first $20k month. Since then she has scaled a well oiled machine of an agency, is on track for a $250k year, is able to travel the world full time, and even texts me that she has so much time she is started another business. 

from $0 to $250k business in one year

You're willing to put in the work and ready to invest into your team - you know your success is inevitable, now you just need a plan to get there

You are scaling to $200-500k years and know you want to go big, but big without burnout & constantly questioning yourself.

You want a deeper, richer level of support with someone who genuinely cares about you and is fully invested as your partner. You don't just need answers, you want an intimate group to help you execute along the way.

You want to build massive wealth but also know you want your life, family, dreams, fun etc. to also be a priority. 

You already built a successful business and are making $10k+ months. You are at a point of needing to scale, grow a team & reinvent the business for this next level.

This is for you if..

Is it right for you? 

You want clarity and confidence instead of continuing to guess what to do next. You want a full picture gameplan for how to scale, move forward, execute and revamp the business to hit your goals

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the Half million roadmap

You all told me that you wanted guidance & some structure, because most masterminds are just vague "access" & Q&A calls... 

and let's be honest

There are tons of roadmaps for the beginning stages, but no one seems to have a roadmap for scaling.

you don't always know what to ask or what you need next to scale

we gotchu 😉

We know everyone is at different places in business so this roadmap is not "ABCDE," but rather includes:

  • milestones/goals within each category for you to implement that are necessary to scale sustainable
  • access to trainings & resources in each scaling category to refer to as needed
  • action items & BTS examples + I pull the curtain back for anything in my own business
  • previous guest expert recordings on outside topics
  • template to make your own custom quarterly roadmap each quarter based on these topics & goals that are most important for your unique business

full ak access pass

Included in Intentional Mastermind is temporary access to the following LL Co. courses & live programs during your 6 months.

course access

live access

Plus any small courses.

any other new live programs & paid masterclasses

value of

included for free!


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meet youR mentor        

I am a 7-figure internationally recognized business coach and educator who helps ambitious women build and scale online businesses so that they can live a freedom lifestyle and create wealth and influence. Part of my mission is to empower women to break the mold of how life should be and become leaders in their industries and communities.

I built my own business so that I could travel the world - from the mountains in Peru to the beaches in Thailand - and to create limitless opportunity and wealth for both my future and those around me.

I have been where you are, overworked and feeling like the business is running you, wandering where my so called "freedom" disappeared to. And that is why I created this mastermind: to help you scale but also to help you create the lifestyle you desire as well as step into the next level you!

Amanda Kolbye                

Danyah Aossey

SMM Agency


Emma johnson

Web Designer



LIndsay sacco

Market Research Expert



Organic Growth + Visibility Strategist


- Lindsay Sacco, Market Research Expert

Before the mastermind I was frustrated with my business model. I overcame a lot of mindset blocks, started hiring a team, and figured out my niche zone of genius to build an entirely new business with.  I love how Amanda is a mix of a coach and consultant and gets her hands in my business when I was stuck.

generalist to niche business model

- Ursula Wastian, Life Coach

I love Amanda for all her advise and how she seems to intuitively have a very good connection to what each participant needs. She works with you on business and strategy as well as overall lifestyle and wellbeing. I also just love her vibe and she has a very infectious energy. I also love that she is open and doesn't give 'this way as the only way' advise but really workshops answers with her students.

no cookie cutter advice

- Luisa Alberto, CFO Agency

Before the mastermind, I didn't have a roadmap and things weren't scalable. Now I have built out an agency model with a team, and I flew past the 6 figure revenue mark for the year (I even booked 78K in sales in one week.) Amanda is a wealth of knowledge and a marketing genius. She really understands how the online business space works, and is 150% committed to showing up for her clients every single day.

$78k sales in one week

it's time to make moves.

You already the know the power of putting yourself in the room & investing in yourself, and this is no different. Don't resist the pull to expand & go bigger - lean in, trust yourself, and risk it to get the biscuit.

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