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12 week Business bootcamp for entrepreneurs who are ready to build an online business & create a freedom lifestyle

You’ve never been afraid to bet on yourself.
Your way is the only way that’s ever made sense.

But you also want to be the kind of trail blazer that, you know, makes money. And you aren't quite there yet.

You want a life of freedom, not to live on somebody else’s terms.

But, more than anything, the idea of going back to a 9-5 grind fills you with a special kind of dread. The kind that makes the Sunday Scaries look like child’s play. That “middle seat on an international flight” kind of dread. 

You just know there has to be an easier way...

You’re a damn trail blazer.

And so the constant analysis paralysis that comes with "becoming your own boss" has you bouncing back and forth between "Yes, I can do this," and "What the hell do I do now?"

I mean, your Instagram is FILLED with people who are living the life you dream of. They have location independence and financial freedom. They’re building businesses straight from their laptops. And their daily office is a freaking beach in Thailand! Hello paradise!

Meanwhile, you are still figuring out how to turn your skills into paying clients and have come down with a terrible case of what I call:

 (Okay so maybe not literally – sun, sand, and laptops don’t mix – but hey, #DoItFortheGram, right!?) 

Triple-I-S: Instagram-Induced-Imposter-Syndrome.

You know what you want. You know you were meant to be an entrepreneur. 

Now, you just need the tools to help you break free.

And you need a step by step plan of attack, from nailing down your offers to locking down your dream clients.

because you’re hell-bent on making your dream a reality
that you’re finally ready to do whatever it takes.

So if you’re ready to combine your insatiable drive to succeed
with the bulletproof systems & strategies
that will make you completely                     then allow me to introduce. . .


You’re energized by the possibilities.

You’re driven by the knowledge that there’s more to life than the path that was laid out for you.

There's no doubt

that you have what it takes to

build a badass business

So if you’re ready to combine your insatiable drive to succeed
with the bulletproof systems & strategies that will make you completely

then allow me to introduce. . .

A 12 week Business Bootcamp for New & Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Ready to Start an Online Business and Create a Freedom Lifestyle


The most comprehensive bad-ass program that is going to help you set up your online biz from A to Z and give you the confidence to show up as true #bossbabe. 

Designed exclusively for over-achievers who are tired of feeling lost and overwhelmed 

This Bootcamp is about harnessing your passion and turning it into life-changing action. Fueled by actionable, step by step instructions, in depth knowledge, and support from a team of like-minded go-getters, you’ll learn how to create a freedom lifestyle through a stand-out online business in less than 90 days.

And who are willing to go ALL IN on creating their future of freedom.

Oh, and did I mention you get to do it all with a tight knit community of other people EXACTLY like you?! Welcome to your new adventure-lovin', biz-hustlin' tribe!

 LLB has had the biggest impact on my life and my business. No amount of freebies or DIY can even compare to actually joining a supportive group program with like-minded people. The relationships I've walked away from LLB with are FOR LIFE. We stay in touch every week, we support each other every day in some way, and are just there for each other. Take it from someone who tried - you can't do this business thing on your own. You need people. You need LLB!


"After LLB, in my first week of launching I signed multiple clients and made almost $2k my first month. I already have planned revenue of at least $900 each month so far for the next 6 months. There's never going to be a right time and you'll never be ready but if you want this lifestyle you have to make the jump."


LLB gave me more than I could have ever imagined! It gave me confidence in myself, an amazing community, and it helped me to improve my processes, so I have everything in place when I'm looking for and onboarding new clients. I'm excited I finally have my website and my packages in places, thanks to this program. It was honestly one of the best investments I've ever made!


"The best investment I made was investing in [this] group coaching program. I've made so much more progress towards my goals in 4 weeks than I made on my own in the last year! Just last week I had 4 literal dream clients clients pop into my DMs!" 


"Even though I've been working freelance as my main source of income for a few months, I've felt so lost. Now I feel like a boss. I have clear goals and I can see myself achieving them. I started charging more, cut my workload in half, feel more confident, and have so many multiple dream clients since starting LLB." 


Stephanie Duke

graphic designer


melissa donovan

blog & copywriter


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It's time to


 and take the fast track.

doing it



Feeling confident AF showing up online and knowing exactly how attract your dream clients.

Finally quitting your 9-5, paying off your debt, and feeling unstoppable going into 2020. It's gonna be your year!

Waking up inspired and straight up energized every day to crack open your laptop and maybe even say to yourself, “Wow! I get paid for this?”

Having complete freedom over your time and schedule. Mid day yoga sesh? Sure. Half day Friday to go on a weekend trip? Why not?

Seeing that INSANE deal on a flight to Southeast Asia and simply deciding to take that next discovery call from your hotel in Thailand instead of hoping that you have enough PTO days to cover it.

Heading home for the holidays and proudly telling nosey Aunt Susan that you are running your own legit online biz and doing just fine.

Okay, so here's the deal.

This is not just your average group program. This is an insane combination of support through trainings, coaching, and community that is designed to take you all the way from lost and overwhelmed to confident entrepreneur!

Spill the Tea, Sis.

Program Deets

Niche, Ideal Client, & Personal Brand

Before you can understand what offers to have or how to find clients, you need to understand yourself and who the F your clients even are. You need to know your audience better than they know themselves so that you can attract dream clients and feel amazing about what you bring to the table. You know you find you magic X factor that is going to make you stand out - and we are here to help you do just that!

Module 2:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Foundations for Success

We start by laying a rock-solid foundation for you - the heart of your business - by focusing on CEO mindset, developing 6 figure habits, and setting goals and intentions to get laser focused on your direction. We will also start to get organized by setting up our digital business hubs and fine tuning our business ideas with guest masterclasses.

Module 1:

Guest Speakers

ellie rogers

lauren tamayo


mindset coach

christina bernhard

Krystal chruch

Fb ads & tech expert

email copywriter

Create Offers + Packages and Pricing

You’re going to be the perfect answer to someone’s problems (you can tell your ex I said so). We’ll dive deep into some market research to find out exactly what your ideal clients need. Then we’ll carefully craft your packages/offers  so they’re built to turn a plain old ‘yes’ into a ‘SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY’

Module 3:

Dolla, Dolla Billz

We’re all here to make money. That’s why you’re starting a business. And that’s why there are so many rap songs about it. So let’s talk about it. How do you price yourself? How do you handle price objections? How do you confidently value your services in order to attract the right clients? We’re going to get fluent in money talk, so you won’t be needing your Duolingo app. 

Module 4:

kirsty willis

social media

Week 7

Week 8

Client Experience & Onboarding

Smooth and easy. That’s how we want all of your processes to be. We are going to set up every step of your onboarding process to save you time and impress your clients at every single touch point. We are also going to develop your client processes to create that WOW factor with every single client. In short, by the end of this module you’ll be able to say, “Yea, I got my sh*t together.”

Module 7:

Discovery Calls + Objections

What happens when they ask about your experience or give push back and say it's too expensive? And how should you structure a discovery call to become the best closer in Brooklyn. We are going to learn my signature discovery call framework as well as how to handle any tough sales conversation with ease.

Module 8:

Week 5

Week 6

Social Media Marketing & Content Planning

Now comes the fun stuff: where your work becomes you chatting it up on Facebook and Instagram (take that old corporate job who didn’t let you on your phone). We are covering social media marketing 101 so you know exactly how to market your business as well as how to craft a strategic content plan with ease!

Module 5:

Systems + Tools

Tech and tools are precisely the thing that will soon enough allow you to be sitting on the beach sipping a cocktail and make a sale! Cha ching! But they can feel really overwhelming so we cover comparisons, strategies, and tons of step by step tutorials of how to use and set up all the tech and tools in your business.

Module 6:

Week 11

Week 12

Email Marketing + Freebies

Email marketing is something that many people start too late and is one of the best ways to be collecting spicy hot leads in your sleep. We will talk about creating an irresistible freebie and setting up an email sequence to nurture and convert leads to clients! We will also talk Pinterest and how to put fuel on the fire once you have this all set up!

Module 11:

Time Management + Long Term Planning

This week focuses on creating a balance in your business and learning how to be productive and manage your time now that you are rocking and rolling. We will start to map out your 3 month or 6 month vision and write out all your next action steps so you graduation feeling completely ready to go! 

Module 12:

Week 9

Week 10

Sales & Lead Generation

You can’t just sit around waiting for a client, you have to put yourself out there and SELL BABY SELL! It’s time to craft your perfect pitch and learn about all things sales from the psychology of selling, selling tactics and how to be confident AF that you are going to beat out the 60 other Facebook comments and attract those dream clients.

Module 9:

Visual Branding

You’re a real business now and now it’s time to dress the part. This is your chance to let your clients know what you’re all about. What’s your style? Are you more Apple logo or Nike swoosh? Simple and understated, or loud and proud? We’ll walk through the steps to create a consistent, cohesive, VISUAL online presence.

Module 10:

I'm ready to live the

Laptop Lifestyle

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One 50 min private coaching call with a support coach


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What's Inside?

12 Weekly Modules

Designed to take you through every step of setting up your online business from A to Z so that you feel confident knowing what you do, who it is for, how to run an online business and make money!

($2500 value)

12 Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Because this is not just a course that gives you trainings and projects. This is weekly support, accountability, and breakthroughs. I am here to answer your questions, walk you through situations and issues, and help you step into the CEO role!

($2500 value)

Weekly Course Material + Workbooks

Because the real magic happens when you take what you learn and apply it to YOU. Everything is designed to be customized to help you dive deep into your specific business.

($950 value)

Private Facebook Group Support for 3 months

I know you have a million burning questions and I'm here to answer them every step of the way. Night or day, pop your question into the Facebook group and POOF then you'll have an answer. Plus you can discuss things with your new tribe or even post captions, your website, or portfolio to get feedback.

($1800 value)

Resource Libary with Templates + Swipe Files

This is the fast track so I am equipping you with every template and swipe file you need to plug and play into your business so you can focus less on the nitty gritty details and more on the fun stuff. This includes contracts, leads trackers, email sequences, sales scripts and more!

($1500 value)

Guest Coach Masterclasses

Not sure what path you want to pursue? Need to still do some learning to feel confident about your skills? These amazing guest coaches are going to each give you a 60 minute masterclass about their specific field and teach you the 101 skills you need to know about being a Virtual Assistant, Social Media Manager, Designer, Copywriter, and Coach.

*You also get access to 15+ videos of past guests.

($2000+ value)

krystle church

Ex-School Teacher turned International Business Owner. Krystle is a full-time world traveler who helps 6 + 7-figure female entrepreneurs craft high-converting emails with personality-bursting copy so they can expand their reach, income, and impact.


lauren tamayo

BLauren Tamayo is an NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Mindset Coach helping coaches to break free from limiting beliefs to step into their next level of success and abundance.


ellie rogers

With an International Corporate career, a Masters Degree in Business and a passion for supporting Female entrepreneurs in the Online space, Ellie started EllieOBM with all of these things in mind and with the vision of providing professional services to inspiring women across the world. Ellie is passionate about supporting multiple 6 figure and 7 figure businesses, helping them lead their teams, grow their revenue and build the business they dreamt of, through project management, strategy and partnership.  When Ellie isn't working you can find her adventuring and exploring Oman (her home for the past 2 years) chilling with her cat Blue (He’s the cutest) or working up a sweat in her local gym!


christina bernhard

Christina is a Facebook Ads and Funnels consultant for female entrepreneurs that are ready to scale their businesses to the next level. After years in the corporate world building a marketing department and becoming a marketing director, she found herself with a dream of freedom she couldn’t shake. Her dream was freedom to travel where she wanted while doing what she loved, but she didn’t have the confidence to make it happen, she found a way to navigate through her own limiting beliefs to leave the corporate world, build her business and trade her things for a backpack of clothes to travel the world.  With her dream becoming a reality, her mission is to help business owners scale to their own versions of freedom through profitable Facebook ads and high-converting funnels. 


kirsty willis 

I am Kirsty. An Instagram Manager, Coach and Content Creator. Instagram is my jam! I work with small to medium biz owners mainly in the beauty and lifestyle industries, by helping them elevate their Instagram presence, grow their community and ultimately build their business. My speciality is all things Instagram and I LOVE it! 


Of course there are


 Pinterest for business Mini Course

Legals, Taxes & Budgeting 101

tech & tools tutorials

laptop lifestyle - travel & Biz 101

What is


weekly Q&A sessions with support coaches

Industry specific discussion groups

Coaches Discussion Group
Creatives Discussion Group
SMM/VA/Tech Discussion Group

tech workshop

Submit tutorial request and our tech expert will walk us through sharing her screen all different tech scenarios and set ups

new modules & material

Upgrade to the VIP Option and get one 1:1 coaching call with our expert support coaches AND a discovery call audit to master your sales skills

vip option for 1:1 support

access to the Alumni network

I'm ready to have


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Not only do you get WINS like those, but you get FRIENDS for life like these...

Not only do you get                 like those, but you get                      for life like these...



This is for



You’ve made up your mind and are willing to do whatever it takes to reach your goals. You're ambitious and driven and you refuse to keep half-assing it.

You’ve got ideas for days but you need someone who’s been there to show you how to turn those ideas into a real plan of action.

You feel like you don’t belong in the corporate world and want to find your tribe of crazy, adventure-seeking, big-dreamin’ aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself.

You want to stop wasting your precious time and energy trying to figure out what will and won’t work for your business. You want to start livin' the good life now!

You know that all the successful people before you jumped before they were ready, and you know you will look back on 2020 as the year when it all began.

I'm ready to live the

Laptop Lifestyle

pay in full 


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Payment PLan


6 Monthly Payments of



VIP option


Additional payment to any payment plan


super flex plan


12 Monthly Payments of


How does this work?

Here is the break down.

Pay $97 to reserve your spot NOW!

Pay $300 by the start of the program and 4 more payments of $397.


enroll now for $97

Meet your Head Coach

Hey! I'm Amanda Kolbye! I'm a Business and Marketing coach that helps ambitious entrepreneurs build and scale their online business to six+ figures so that they can live a freedom lifestyle!

I built my own half a million dollar business in a little over a year by harnessing the power of my own personal brand and utilizing organic social media marketing. All while ignoring all norms of a corporate job and the classic path that you were told to follow. For me my freedom lifestyle is traveling the world full time from Bali to Vietnam to Croatia.

My goal is to help you create a business that is unique to you and that supports your financial, lifestyle, and even crazy pipe dreams...

because you.            have it all!


Meet your Support Coaches

Kylie is an intuitive business coaching. She helps female entrepreneurs harness business strategy and attraction marketing, alongside using all the "woo" to help women build a 6 figure business that brings them freedom & fulfilment.
Her expertise include oracle readings, human design, numerology & all things witchy. 

Kylie Nel

Jess Ainsworth

Jess is a Lifestyle + Online Business Coach. She helps multi-passionate women get crystal clear on their dream life so that they can create an online business that supports their freedom lifestyle. She was ran her VA business for 3 year before getting into coaching so she truly understands both coaching and DYF businesses.

It's time to break up.

If you have made it this far and are still unsure about joining the Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp we need to sit down and chat for a sec.

Ya know, the kind of chat when your best friend has been dating a bad boyfriend for wayyyyy too long and you just want... no, you owe it to her, to tell her that SHE DESERVES MORE!

Well, girlfriend. YOU DESERVE MORE! I know it is scary to to invest in yourself and I'm guessing deep down, the reason you are most afraid is because you are playing it safe. You still aren't 100% confident that this lifestyle can be a reality for YOU. Maybe you're not even fully sure what it is you even need.

I'll give it to you straight. All of that - whether you make it or not - that is up to you.

1) You have to believe there is no other option for you.
2) And you have to give yourself the tools to succeed.

Don't make it harder than it needs to be.

I believe in you. I really, truly do. And I'm telling you, not only do you deserve more, but you can have more. Everything you need, including your new adventure/business guide, is inside Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp. 

So take a chance on you. It's the best bet you'll ever make!

You have to do two things if you want to 100% make it.

go all in.

take a chance on you.

they did.

erika simkova

social media manager


emily oreilly

content creation & Seo specialist


candice marie

email marketing & tech pro


domitille holik

pinterest manager


lauren osselton



brittany hastings

graphic & web designer


is this for me?

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and want the fast track to set up your online biz and be rockin' and rollin' with clients and freedom in 3 months.... YES!!!! THIS IS EXACTLY FOR YOU!

We kick off September 28, 2020 and it runs for 12 consecutive weeks. 

When do we start?

Because of the nature of this program - that is run live and includes personalize coaching - there are no refunds. I've never had anyone ask for a refund yet because this sh*t works if you show up and go all in!

what is the refund policy?

Do you want a freedom lifestyle NOW or next time? If you really want to wait on building your dream when you KNOW exactly what you have to do I guess you can but just know there will always be something that makes it not the perfect time. Eventually you have prioritize this if this is what you want and find a way to make it happen! You got this girl! Let's do it now!

can i join next time?

Um we basically just became besties if we weren't already. You not only get 12 live group coaching calls with Amanda, you get 24/7 support from her inside the private Facebook group to answer any and all of your questions. AAANNDDD you get a private 1:1 audit of your packages during Week 4.

How much access do I have to Amanda?

Glad you asked! So freakin' pumped to have you!

Click that ENROLL NOW button

HOw do I get started?

Hi! I’ve seen you’ve made it to the bottom of the page which means it’s clear this is something that you want and that deep down inside you know this will take you to the next level.

It’s time to make it official.

Pick your option above and let's make this your reality.

Let's do this!

I'm ready to live the

Laptop Lifestyle

pay in full 


One Payment of

Payment PLan


6 Monthly Payments of



VIP option


Everything in the regular program

One private discovery call audit

Additional payment to any payment plan

One 50 min private coaching call with a support coach


super flex plan


12 Monthly Payments of


How does this work?

Here is the break down.

Pay $97 to reserve your spot NOW!

Pay $300 by the start of the program and 4 more payments of $397.


enroll now for $97