Online courses + programs designed to catapult your business forward or help you get off the ground running—hard.

and better yet, become unstoppable.

I spent months of my life down a Google rabbit hole looking for all the answers because I thought DIYing my business was the only way to do it. I was so incredibly wrong. It wasn’t until I invested in myself that I actually saw tangible results that put me at multiple 6-figures by the 10-month mark of my business. These courses + programs will support you in creating your dream laptop lifestyle while strategically setting up your business for massive success.

Whether you’re aspiring to become a new entrepreneur or have started hitting the $10-20k mark, there’s something for you.

set up your business foundations

This is a 4 month group coaching program for new entrepreneurs to learn everything from A to Z about how to start your online business and grow to $1-5k months. Within 90 days you will go from idea to landing clients and feeling confident AF.

Beginner Biz

($0-5k months)

women have gone through this program!



next round ➡️ november 2021


scale to Multi six figures

This is a 6 month mastermind to help you grow your income to $10-30k+ CONSISTENT months as well as focus on building a business that supports your freedom lifestyle rather than working 24/7 and feeling uninspired. We focus on next level foundations as well as the mindset shift required to receive the freedom you desire.

Growing Biz

($10k+ months)

next round ➡️enrolling now for January 2022


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    Ready to pour your coffee, hunker down, and learn something new?

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    This mini course is the only thing you will ever need to completely master content creation. From market research and tech tutorials, to my proprietary soul speaking caption creation system, by the end of this course you will be able to create one month of content in one afternoon.

    This is an advanced Instagram course designed to help you master sales and marketing on the 'gram, get consistent leads in your DMs, and book out you business! From DM and mini training scripts to sales psychology and become a hashtag queen, you will never need another Instagram course ever again.

    LET'S GO!


    - Tessa

    I had a $6k week.

    After working with Amanda I hit my first $10k+ month, had a $6k week, hired my first employee, and mapped out my first course!

    - Helly

    4 clients by her 2nd week.

    After launching my business I immediately booked 4 clients and within a month booked out my business.

    - Abby

    From $150 to $4k months

    I had my highest month yet after being in business for 2 years and in one month of working with Amanda quadrupled my income.

    - Sari

    Consistent $20k+ month

    Before I started working with Amanda, I had an idea but I didn’t have a business. I’m in my fourth month of business and I bill multiple 5 figs every month. I feel like I’m finally thinking like an entrepreneur and a CEO, planning my business like it’s going to be a million dollar company and not a side hustle.

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