Uncover the bottleneck

Before you attend the masterclass and learn about hiring and training your team, we need to uncover where the bottlenecks are in your business so we can understand exactly who to hire and how they are needed on your team.

Now spoiler alert, you are probably the biggest bottleneck in your business, but through this mini training + exercise, you will uncover the top areas in your business that are holding up things from being easier, faster, and more fluid.


ONLY $27!

as seen in...

as seen in...

Only 1% of entrepreneurs say that hiring is "very easy."


And i'm guessing you are part of the other 99%.

Luckily, hiring is part of my professional background pre-entrepreneurship,
and I can tell you that there is one key thing you must do before we can even start the hiring process.

This is for you if:


You are a DFY or coach at any stage of business who is growing their team

no more time

You don't have any more time and are tired of being the only one who can "do things" the way you want them

the cycle

You are stuck in a vicious cycle of hiring and firing. It feels like you will never be able to have the right team members with high quality skills


 What you'll get inside Uncover the Bottleneck:

short training video to walk you through the exercise below

google sheet with the key exercise to uncover the bottleneck areas in your business

3 part email series with 3 tips for identifying why your current team isn't working


(one email delivered per day starting the day you sign up)

Are you ready to figure out the bottlenecks in your business that are keeping you stuck? 


ONLY $27!