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as seen in...

as seen in...

And work exclusively from their laptops making a full time income (and sometimes 5x their salary)! But right now you are still stuck dreaming at your office desk trying to figure out how to live this life full of freedom!
I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs build 6-7 figure successful businesses and i'm here to help you take one step forward today with this calculator.

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I'm Amanda Kolbye, a 7 figure business coach and online educator. In my past life I worked in staffing in a stuffy corporate office util one day I quit, sold everything I owned, and booked a one way ticket to Thailand. I had no clue how I was going to make it work but I knew it was possible. Sure enough within my first 30 days of launching my web design business I made over $5k. And the rest was history!

Now I have built a million dollar coaching business, am living my dream life, and help hundreds of women all over the world start and scale their own businesses. Dip your toe into this entrepreneur world and see what is possible with this calculator. I promise you'll never look back once you start becoming your own boss and have ultimate freedom.

Who is Amanda kolbye?


it's not as hard as you think to replace your salary.

In fact on average it only takes 3-5 clients!