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module 11 Lesson 2:

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inside the lesson you are going to learn:

  • the top objections entrepreneurs encounter on discovery calls
  • 5+ ways to respond to each one
  • the psychology behind why they might be having that objection
  • how to use their own words to address objections specifically
  • and more!

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You have until Thursday, May 11th to download the free lesson.

Then you have until Sunday, May 14th to watch the lesson before it disappears.

Within that time inside of the free lesson you will:
  1. leave feeling confident AF handling EVERY SINGLE objection that comes your way
  2. AND be offered an exclusive massive opportunity to save hundreds of dollars to grow your business to 6 figures

LLB Alumni wins

Aleina went from scattered and freelancing taking a few non-ideal clients here and there to booked out, quitting her 9-5, making over $5k months and replacing her 9-5 salary - all within 30 days of graduating LLB.

Web Designer

Aleina Radovan

Bailey Petrucelli

Functional Medicine Copywriter

Bailey wanted to stay at home with her boys (she even birthed her second while in LLB). Less than a year later she has scaled a six figure business and hit her first $15k month as well as incorporated a course and funnels to start bringing in passive income. She also gets to live her dream of moving to Charleston!

Before Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp even ended, Lily & Lizzie were booking out clients left and right. They even booked TWO clients while they were hiking in Hawaii- talk about Laptop Lifestyle! Now they have made $5k months and are scaling an agency!

Social Media Management Agency

Lily & Lizzie Clark

hey there!

I'm Amanda kolbye...

I'm Amanda Kolbye, a 7 figure business and marketing coach for ambitious service based entrepreneurs and coaches who are ready to create a freedom lifestyle and become unstoppable! In two years I built a million dollar business and have helped hundreds of other women - just like you - build the foundations of their own six figure online business.

I am also a digital nomad and travel around the world full time. I often spend my weekends under the palm trees in Bali, hiking the mountains in Vietnam, or hanging with elephants in Thailand.

I can't wait to see you inside the free lesson of our signature group program, Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp, to help you set up 6 figure foundations & scale to $5k months.