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Create a Sell-Out Launch Offer

Are you constantly wondering how you can create sold out launch offers? I’m telling you, there is SO much energy and excitement when…


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Day in the life of a business coach, digital nomad, and 6-figure entrepreneur

Take a sneak peek into my crop-top-wearing, smoothie-bowl-sharing lifestyle! Plus, my non-negotiables for a structured biz fueled by choice and freedom! “I’m a normal person, just like you!”. LOL, just kidding – this isn’t an Oscar’s speech. But seriously though… there is no reason why you can’t live it up on a beach, making dollars […]

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The Laptop Lifestyle Podcast is about to be your new favorite podcast for all things business and marketing (served in a short, sweet and actionable format) and digital nomad lifestyle. From Instagram marketing and NLP mindset to interviews with digital nomads and an inside look at full time travel living, we've got the perfect balance of biz and fun.

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30 Day Blueprint to Start your Online Business