85. The Rebrand: Our New Podcast & New Company

You didn’t start a business to learn Instagram hacks and tech tips. You created a company to build a life full of freedom and limitless potential – There came the point in your life where you just knew you were made for more.  We’re back, and today I will be introducing you to the new […]



84. How to Position Your Business as the High Level “Go-To” Brand in Your Niche

There are many go-to people in every nook and cranny of a specific type of market; there is probably at least one ‘go-to’ person that comes to mind in the niche or industry that is relevant to you. Today we’re going to be talking about a whole different way of standing out and how to […]


83. 20+ Entrepreneurs Tell the Truth Behind Why Someone Is Going to Hire You vs Someone Else

Every time someone doesn’t sign up with me, there is that thought in the back of my mind that wonders what the tipping point could have been? I know that this is the same for most people, and as much as I love some buyers psych, I wanted to share a different perspective on this […]

cost of living in croatia

Digital Nomad

Cost of Living in Croatia as a Digital Nomad

Croatia is a digital nomad’s dream. With beautiful weather, stunning sea views, and lax visa requirements, many digital nomads are surprised the cost of living in Croatia is so affordable.  Although this eastern European country has flown under the radar for years, it’s quickly turning into a hotspot for expats and remote workers. So how […]


81. Becoming Irresistible with Sales Frenzies with Rachel Spencer

No matter what your business is, sales is most likely one of the essential parts of your business. For any business owner, to make money, you’re going to need to learn how to sell, and yet alot of people tend to find sales and launching stressful. Well, Today’s guest is here to change your sales […]

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