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77. What Makes a Powerful Brand with Lily, Lizzie & Ly Thuy

Having a solid brand can set you apart from your competitors, and it plays a significant role in attracting your ideal clients, so what makes a brand powerful? That’s what today’s episode is all about. I am bringing on past LBB students who now run thriving businesses to discuss branding. In this episode, we will […]



75. Crafting & Owning Your Brand Story with Jennifer Spivak

We’ve heard the basics of marketing to potential clients. When we start our business journey, we’re taught to uncover and target pain points, and as great as this is, it can only get you so far. Uncovering and owning your brand story and messaging is a powerful way to set yourself apart from other businesses […]

best things to do in Tulum Mexico

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10 Best Things to do in Tulum, Mexico

Thinking of visiting Tulum? There’s plenty to see and do in Mexico’s latest hotspot, from ancient ruins to coral reefs and incredible restaurants. The hardest part will be narrowing down your itinerary. That’s why I’ve put together this list of the best things to do in Tulum! Keep reading to hear my top picks. Curious […]


73. How to Stand Out and Deliver a High-Quality Service

The online service provider industry continues to grow and shift rapidly. While there is still so much room for more people, you need to turn your marketing focus towards standing out and delivering high standards. There is a fine line between taking messy action and elevating your craft to stand out (based on your services, […]


72. How Breakdowns Lead To Breakthroughs

2021 has been one of my best years in business. I’ve hit significant milestones and achieved a lot of goals, but behind the scenes, it has also been one of the most challenging years personally and in my business. I know this is the same for a lot of people on this entrepreneurial journey, so […]

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