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Ep. 29 International Tax Law For Digital Nomads with Kathy McPaul

Traveling the world as a digital nomad is more than just jet setting to a destination and working beachside on your business, coconut water in hand. While that can definitely be a part of your digital nomad lifestyle, you still need to make sure your taxes are properly set up so you can check all […]



Ep. 28 Evolving With Your Brand To Achieve Your Online Business Goals with Cait Scudder

The messy business you started as a new entrepreneur will not be the same refined business that takes you into that 6 and 7 figure arena. Shifting and evolving your brand identity is a normal (and expected) process of scaling and growing a successful online business – even if it seems scary! It’s time to […]


Ep. 26 How To Start A Business: Insight From 3 Laptop Lifestyle Boot Camp Alumni

When you’re at the beginning stages of your business, you probably want the perspective of someone who is one step ahead of you instead of ten, right? Don’t get me wrong – looking ahead and establishing those big dreams and goals is extremely useful. But sometimes, getting insight into the strategies and action steps that […]


Ep. 24 How To Build & Scale A Successful Service-Based Online Business

Do you have big visions and big dreams for your business? Do you also feel overwhelmed with all the things you need to do to start? Well, you aren’t alone, and you certainly aren’t without help! I want you to learn how to build a strong foundation and prioritize what’s necessary to build the momentum to […]

how to scale an online business


Ep. 22 12 Lessons Learned From My First Year In Business

How can you make your business journey as smooth as possible? Well, for a start, you can learn from my mistakes! Don’t get me wrong, in my first year of business, I’ve made multiple six-figures, but I still experienced the ups and downs that only come with being an entrepreneur.  Today I want to share […]

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