Ep 02. How to Use Instagram to Build Your Brand and Client Base

Are you stuck trying to figure out how to land clients using Instagram? In today’s episode, I tell you exactly how to build your brand on Instagram, capitalize on IG stories, and get hot leads popping into your DM’s on autopilot. I know how to make this happen with your business because I use these exact […]



Welcome to The Laptop Lifestyle Podcast!

Welcome to The Laptop Lifestyle Podcast! I want you to leave with actionable strategies, have an abundance of knowledge and perspectives, and full confidence to go fearlessly chase after your dreams and create your freedom lifestyle.


3 Easy Ways to Improve your Visibility on Instagram!

I’m back again and ready to drop some HAWT tips for turning up the heat on your Instagram visibility. What’s visibility, I hear you ask? Well, this dang thing called the Instagram algorithm means we’re all fighting to get eyeballs on our stuff. Improving your visibility is simply the act of doing little things that […]

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How to use Instagram to rocket-launch your biz in the next 30 days

As a biz coach who gets 95% of her clients from Insta, these are the hottest tips for sending your IG stratospheric in just 30 days… You’re welcome! 😉  Let me level with you people. Instagram has made my biz. Stories have made me tens of thousands of dollars, I curated a single $75,000+ launch […]


How perception affects our lives and makes us UNSTOPPABLE!

I’m getting philosophical AF guys… What is normal? And could you change yours? “Our perceptions determine what we are and are not capable of – in many ways they determine reality when we believe in the obstacle more than the goal.” – Ryan Holiday What do you honestly believe you are capable of? If you’re […]

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