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Ep. 16 How NLP Based Marketing Will Help Your Service-Based Business

Are you ready to fine-tune and drastically improve your marketing strategies so you can truly connect with and communicate your offers to your audience? It’s time to stop shooting in the dark when it comes to marketing and start incorporating NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) techniques into your service-based business ASAP.  In this episode, I am deep diving […]



Ep. 14 How to Set Up Multiple Six-Figure Systems and Hire Your Dream Team

Creating more offers, serving more people, and generating more revenue are NOT the key elements to scaling to multiple six-figures. Yep, I said it – the truth is out there! If you want to sustainably scale and grow your business to multiple six-figures, you need to set up efficient systems and start outsourcing! I know it’s […]


Ep. 12 Top 5 Things That Are Crucial to Having a Sold Out Launch

Take your launch game to the next level and ensure you sell out by nailing these top 5 things! My first launch ever was a 10k launch, and from there, we’ve now had consistent 70k + launches throughout this year that sell out time and time again. However, what makes a launch sell out at any […]


Ep. 10 Pursuing a Second Business with Multi-Passionate 6 Figure Entrepreneur Madison Tinder

When is the right time to start a second business or introduce a new idea into your business model? Well, if you’re waiting around for the “right” time, you probably will never do it because there is never a “right” time to do anything – especially as an entrepreneur. Sometimes you just have to go for […]

one secret entrepreneurs have


Ep 08. The ONE Big Secret Every Entrepreneur Has

Did you know that no one actually knows what they are doing when running a business? Entrepreneurial life is a journey full of trials and errors, and it’s about time we embrace them with confidence! In this episode, I am giving you my top secrets for overcoming this paralyzing fear of both inaction and imposter syndrome […]

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