37. The Power Of Choice: How It Helps You Overcome Fear & Imposter Syndrome

Fear, self-doubt, and Imposter Syndrome rear their heads at every level of business, for every single entrepreneur out there (even me). The key to overcoming them, becoming unstoppable in your business, and moving forward towards success is by taking back your power and shifting your mindset to not let anything stand in the way of […]



Ep. 21 11 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? The short answer is YES. The long answer is that you need to understand the habits and traits of success and make them part of who you are and how you operate to achieve your version of success.  In this episode, I am giving […]


Ep. 18 One Woman Show to CEO: Part I

Do you know what it takes to step out of the one-woman show and into the role of CEO? Sometimes, we spend so much time spinning our wheels trying to tick all the boxes of running a business and not enough time asking ourselves what our purpose is with our actions. Finding intentionality and alignment in […]


Ep. 15 The Uncomfortable Truths About Scaling to Half a Million Dollars

Building a business of magnitude comes with some pretty uncomfortable truths that business owners and CEO’s need to address as they scale their businesses. I’m not shying away from telling you the hard truths – because it’s important to realize that growing a multiple six-figure business takes a lot of freakin’ work! But it is […]

one secret entrepreneurs have


Ep 08. The ONE Big Secret Every Entrepreneur Has

Did you know that no one actually knows what they are doing when running a business? Entrepreneurial life is a journey full of trials and errors, and it’s about time we embrace them with confidence! In this episode, I am giving you my top secrets for overcoming this paralyzing fear of both inaction and imposter syndrome […]

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