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Ep. 25 The Number 1 Thing That Is Stealing Your Dreams From You

As entrepreneurs, we all have big dreams, right? No matter what stage we’re at in our business, we are all striving towards a dream, whether it’s leaving our 9-5, hitting 6 or 7 figures, or launching a course. But too often, I see people’s dreams get stolen because they are desperately trying to control outcomes […]



Ep. 19 One Woman Show to CEO: Part 2

How do you make sure that your business is scalable and still providing you the lifestyle you dreamed of? Part two of this two-part episode series is all about transitioning from a one-woman show to a CEO and looking into the details of how to scale your business and what it actually looks like behind the […]


Ep. 16 How NLP Based Marketing Will Help Your Service-Based Business

Are you ready to fine-tune and drastically improve your marketing strategies so you can truly connect with and communicate your offers to your audience? It’s time to stop shooting in the dark when it comes to marketing and start incorporating NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) techniques into your service-based business ASAP.  In this episode, I am deep diving […]


Ep 11. 5 Reasons Why You Aren’t Hitting Consistent $5k Months

Are you struggling to hit those $5k months consistently in your business? You’re not alone! I’ve worked with so many entrepreneurs who are struggling to build a solid foundation that will help them scale and grow their business to success. Whether it’s mindset work, building up confidence levels, or a lack of self-discipline, you, as a business […]


Ep 05. The Dangers of Having a Plan B

Did you know that having a Plan B can hold you back from success? In this episode, I’m deep-diving into psychology, human motivation, explaining the dangers of having a plan B, and telling you which mindset shift you need to make to reach your goals. We’ll talk about why having a security plan can hinder […]

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